What Are Bed Stairs and Who Needs Them?

Back in the old days, bed stairs were common place because beds were built very high up off of the ground. Most people of average height either had to climb up into the bed in a rather unceremonious manner, run and take a running leap at the bed or look for a set of bed stairs. Because most people built their own bed, they would simply build the stairs at the same time, out of the same wood. Not very many people do either of those things any more.

There are several different resources for bed stairs. You have to find the right kind to match your bed, which means to start, you have to know what kind of wood your bed was built from. You don’t have to exactly match by wood type if you don’t want to, but it might help to get the right look if you do. There are others, to be considered as well, including those sold by medical supply stores, which are purely functional and safer for those who need the extra assistance. Elderly people who may need bed stairs may also need a safety handle to hold onto while using it to steady themselves. A fall, even from the seemingly minor height of a bed stair, can be dangerous for an elderly, frail person who can break a hip from even a short, slow speed fall.

Little children may also have problems transitioning from their crib or toddler bed to their big kid bed. It may seem like an enormous climb to their short little legs and having the stairs to boost them up can be very reassuring. Keep in mind that the child will move those stairs over to whatever he is not supposed to be climbing up on as well as using it as his launch pad as he works on perfecting his flying skills. Daredevil children are usually fairly decent climbers, so it might make you feel safer to remove those stairs.

There is one more set of these stairs to consider: those are designed for your pet. Older pets as well as those with short, stubby legs may not be able to easily make it up onto the couch or the bed but may be too heavy to heft up there. It can even be dangerous to try. Specially designed pet bed stairs are the perfect answer to the problem, allowing the dog to get up there where they want to be without his owner getting a hernia in the process.

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